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October 17, 2017

WATCH: Psych professor's raging attack on pomegranates lights up Twitter

For the better part of the past year, avocados have been under siege by millennial-haters who insist young people are squandering their chances of homeownership and ruining macaroni and cheese.

None of it makes sense. Avocados are a great source of lipids. They pair well with most hot meals. To tell the truth, the only problem with them is that it's getting harder to find ripe avocados at supermarkets. You almost have to shop separately for them at a low-key grocer if you plan to eat them the same day you buy them, you know? 

Anyway, it looks like there's a new candidate for most reviled fruit. The video below, now making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit, stands out as one of the most impassioned freakouts of the year. It's simply wonderful.

Jesus, you may ask, why does this woman hate pomegranates so much? They're sweet, great for smoothies, fun to say. What's her problem?

A little digging by the International Business Times revealed the woman in the video is professor Jane Martino, who teaches psychology at Des Moines Area Community College. The tirade, Martino explained, was part of a lesson on why the word "no" means nothing, from a parenting perspective:

"We were discussing in class how meaningless the word 'no' is. I went into the rant to make sure my students knew the 'rule.' Before making a big deal about it the students were not thinking about them. Afterward they sure were! Tell your kids what to think about and just skip the 'no' part."

You have to respect a professor willing to sell out like that to make a point. The thing is, most of the people who encountered the video on Twitter had no context for it at all. Here are some of their best responses.

Well worth a minor for whoever got to see that, though.