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January 02, 2018

WATCH: Sixers 'learn British' ahead of London clash

Apparently, 'brolly' (umbrella) sounds like 'trolley ... with your bro'

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The Sixers are a week and a half removed from their upcoming London clash with the Boston Celtics on Jan. 11, but they're already brushing up on their British for the occasion.

In a two-minute video posted to the NBA's United Kingdom Twitter feed on Monday, a group of Sixers players – Markelle Fultz, T.J. McConnell, JJ Redick, Dario Saric and Robert Covington – were quizzed on some common (and awesome) British slang terms and asked to repeat the American English equivalent.

"Before heading over for #NBALondon against #Celtics on 11th January, we gave the @Sixers a crash-course in some important British words they might need while in town!" the account wrote.

Out of seven terms, the five Sixers (in uniform, of course) together guessed correctly on four of them – trousers, crisps, cheeky and lift. Not half bad!

There were a few amusing clunkers sprinkled in, though.

For one, McConnell had to be straightened out on the whole chips, fries and crisps thing.

"So is it 'fish and crisps,' then?" he asked Redick, who had been trying to explain it to him.

Chuffed (pleased)?

"I have no idea, I'm not even going to try to guess that one," Covington said with a laugh.

Brolly (umbrella)?

"It sounds like trolley ... with your bro," Redick offered.

And for the grand finale, we give you this gem from Fultz.

"Hold on, those are real words?" the rookie asked to a chorus of laughter.

The video can be viewed below: