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October 30, 2019

Conshohocken corgi's Wawa Shorti Halloween costume goes viral

Halloween Dogs
Wawa Corgi u/kingswatz/Reddit

Miles, a corgi in Conshohocken, has 2019's best pet costume — a Wawa Shorti.

The sport of developing and tailoring Halloween costumes is twice the fun when you're doing it for a pet. They may not totally get it, but they enjoy the part about being the center of attention. 

There have been some excellent pet costumes popping up online in 2019. Here's a sampling. 

This one also deserves particular praise. 

Locally, nothing is going to top the fine work done by Conshohocken's Paul Watcko and his wife, who transformed their Corgi, Miles, into a Wawa Shorti complete with the taped-on ticket. 

This is Miles the wawa shortie. Happy early halloween philly. : ) from r/philadelphia

Watcko's post on the Philadelphia subreddit garnered more than 3,000 upvotes, while a Facebook post by Pooch Patrol Dog Walking & Pet Sitting also is making rounds. 

Not all dogs look so happy in their costumes, but Miles' expressions show he was destined for stardom. 

Update: Miles does have some competition. 

Spotted lantern puppy: invading your heart. Plz don’t squish 🎃 from r/philadelphia