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July 10, 2017

And the 'Best Beach People' are...

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Surfers Brian Hickey/PhillyVoice

Surfers, as seen from the Ventnor Fishing Pier, Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Enough negativity, y’all said. We want to read positive stories that make us smile, y’all reiterated.

Well, folks, I tried. And you did not live up to your end of the bargain.

Last Thursday, I made an effort to shift attention away from the worst people to be around on the beach toward the best people to be around on the beach. 

I even invited you to participate, as I did with a one-off column that turned into three pieces on account of your passionate responses.

Don’t get me wrong: I love to hear from you. But do get me right: I’d have loved to hear from happy you as well.

Over the weekend, I continued to field dozens of emails fueled by hate of your fellow beachgoers (they primarily zeroed in on smokers, Chris Christie and loud-music listeners, for what it’s worth, and they're all bad, too).

You know how many I got celebrating those with whom you share sand? One. I repeat: ONE. No responses on Facebook. No responses on Twitter. Just one email.

I mean, I was able to get some on-scene reporting in.

As in, the ladies whom I overheard swoon-discussing the beefcake lifeguards working out at their shack in between shifts. And the voices I heard breaking down various bikini fashions. (No, this isn't the creepy sexualization of strangers; it's appreciating the beauty that nature offers.)

But now, with little more to report, I cede the floor to "KemNom," who should be thanked for restoring my faith in humanity. We all can learn a lot from her.

1) Surfers

2) Boogie boarders

3) Frisbee-catching dogs (where allowed)

4) Cute kids

5) Seashell collectors

All five deserve our appreciation on the beaches, folks. 

Here comes the ask: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me some more suggestions about things that make the beach a glorious place to be in the summer and shoulder seasons.

I’d rather not do a fourth “worst people to be around on the beach” installment, but I certainly have enough content to do so, including an email that arrived just as I was about to submit this story to the editors.