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September 01, 2015

Web design company acquires Fishtown start-up VIUS

Bucks County company Inverse Paradox wants bigger presence in Philadelphia

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Inverse Paradox Contributed Art/Inverse Paradox

Web designers work in the Fishtown office of VIUS, newly acquired by Inverse Paradox.

Bucks County digital agency Inverse Paradox announced Tuesday that it had VIUS, a web-design company based in Fishtown.

The 8-year-old web design company, based in Penndel, wants to increase its presence in Philadelphia.

“We're happy to announce our acquisition of VIUS, a Philadelphia agency very much like Inverse. We'll be taking good care of their clients and welcome their team in joining us,” the company posted on its Facebook.

Both VIUS and Inverse Paradox focus on Wordpress-based web design and e-commerce.

Co-founder Neil Harner, who also directs the Animation + Interaction program at Philadelphia University, said that his company has been growing steadily and obtaining larger clients, such as Dietz & Watson and Power Home Remodeling Group.

“We still want to provide smaller businesses the same kind of services that we provide these larger brands,” said Harner. “Acquiring VIUS allows us to do this while strengthening and boosting the foundation of their company."

Spokesperson Danielle Forte noted that the acquisition will allow Inverse Paradox to “expand their footprint and really make a splash in the Philadelphia region.”

VIUS had two employees, Andrew Croce and Brian Neff, who will now work for Inverse but remain in the Philadelphia office.