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July 31, 2018

Where to draft (order, position) in your fantasy draft in 2018

It either just happened, is about to happen, or has been predetermined. But one way or another, it's time to figure out your fantasy football draft position.

Many fantasy leagues pick an order for participants to pick their pick in. This article is for those football fans.

Here's are the draft positions ranked for the 2018 season (based on a 12-team league and snake draft. If you have a 10-team league, this ranking is still applicable):

1) 1st

Picking first, no matter how you break it down, is probably the best move. You'll have your pick of Le'veon Bell, Todd Gurley or Antonio Brown. 

2) 3rd

At first glance this seems odd but there's a reasoning to it. Picking second or third, you don't have your own destiny in your hands. Picking third assures you'll get one of the aforementioned three whilst also preserving a slightly better draw in subsequent rounds.

3) 2nd

Self-explanatory, picking one of the top three is ideal this year.

4) 12th

The statistics show that picking 12th, while sacrificing in the first round, pays dividends later on. The return on investment for the 12th overall pick, according to a study conducted by, is among the best in the draft as picking 13 in the second round, as opposed to 24th where the first picker would pick, offers more quality early on.

5) 6th

The next best return is picking sixth overall, which gets you a nice combination of a top tier first rounder while still maintaining a decent spot in later rounds.

6) 11th

The logic from earlier is still apt here, as the 11th pick has nearly the same value as 12th and 2nd overall do.

7) 8th

The eighth pick, believe it or not, is the next best pick according to studies. It gives you decent positioning in later rounds while netting a decent first rounder — likely someone in the Leonard Fournette, Alvin Kamara or Melvin Gordon range (depending on your draft).

8) 4th

The fourth pick will give you an excellent player — likely Ezekiel Elliott or David Johnson — but has a smaller return on investment throughout the draft as the sacrifice in later round position eventually catches up. 

9) 5th

As we continue onward the logic explained above still applies.

10) 9th

11) 10th

12) 7th 

It's really negligible once you pick your pick this low. Of course, all of this is based on preparation and on your comfort level with the available players once you are picking. 

It is never the case that you'll lose your fantasy league before you even draft so take this selection lightly. The hard part comes next.

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