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May 12, 2017

In wild week at White House, Trump wasn't the only one firing

On Twitter, Montgomery County legislator took on the 'treasonous, sunflower-colored manchild Prez'

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05122017_Trump_Leach_Tweets3 Source/Twitter

President Donald Trump is a frequent Twitter target of state Rep. Daylin Leach of Montgomery County.

Lying BS artist"

"Narcissistic nectarine"

"Insane, lying, treasonous, sunflower-colored manchild Prez"

It was everything state Sen. Daylin Leach could do to keep up with the events swirling around President Donald Trump this week. But he fired away with enough colorful phrases and pointed criticism on Twitter to bolster his reputation as a straight-talking politician.

The Montgomery County legislator, who has characterized Trump as a "fascist, loofah-faced, s**t-gibbon?', was busy on the social media platform injecting his in-your-face commentary on the news of the day – "Trump fires FBI Director Comey" – and in response to Trump's own tweets – "When will the Fake Media ask about the Dems dealings with Russia & why the DNC wouldn't allow the FBI to check their server or investigate?"

Here's a sampling of the senator's best tweets – and where necessary, the Trump tweets that elicited a response – from past week: