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June 24, 2016

Are we a go for 'Float-a-Palooza' this year?

Massive crowd with floats and tubes is expected at Jersey beach

The short answer: If you want Float-a-Palooza to happen, it will. It's an event for the people, by the people.

The idea is simple. Everybody shows up to the same place (Brigantine Cove) at the same time (July 17, starting at 11 a.m.) with a raft, inflatable tube or any kind of floatation device to spend the day in the water.

All this information comes courtesy of Float-a-Palooza's "official" public event page on Facebook. 

No organizations seem to be involved and, at press time, no other information besides the Facebook page (with over 500 people claiming they'll attend) was available. Someone just picked a time, date and place and said, "Let's make this happen."

It might be for the best that Float-a-Palooza appears to be a grassroots movement. We all know what happened when Slide the City attempted to bring its massive waterslide to Philly.

For this event, there's no one to blame if it doesn't happen but yourself. Show up with something that floats and you've made Float-a-Palooza happen. 

Those skeptical should know that this isn't the first year an event like this has taken place. In 2014 a crowd armed with floats swarmed to the Cove.

Brigantine Cove is free when accessed by boat or by simply walking onto the beach.  Driving is another option, but more expensive. Four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed onto the sand with proper permits.

Float-a-Palooza 2016

Sunday, July 17
11 a.m. | Free
Brigantine Cove, NJ