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May 14, 2015

Watch: Grandma, 102, loses dentures blowing out birthday candles

Connecticut woman's birthday celebration goes viral

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Louise Bonito, 102, doesn't let being long in the tooth prevent her from having a good laugh.

Birthdays are all about having a good time and celebrating the milestone of another year lived, but that doesn't mean we're immune to embarrassing moments.

When you're 102 years old, however, there's very little you can possibly do to minimize the fact that you've lived to be 102. That's the case for a North Haven, Connecticut, woman who recently celebrated her birthday with family members. Hoping to preserve the memory, those family members decided to tape the joyous moment when their beloved Louise Bonito blew out the candles, ABC News reports.

Or at least tried to blow out the candles. After drawing in a deep breath, Bonito exerted such force that her dentures flew directly out of her mouth, causing everyone involved to erupt with laughter.

Bonito's granddaughter, Lisa Addario, said that Louise joked she didn't feel like using the advised glue to keep the dentures in place that day.

As for Bonito herself, she told ABC News that with so many problems in this life, she's just glad that the mishap could create some laughter.