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February 04, 2016

Animal advocates claim Cherry Hill pet store likely selling 'puppy mill' dogs

Store owner argues pets comes with health certificate, vaccine records and 14-day health guarantee

Animal advocates are protesting the recent opening of a Cherry Hill pet store over claims that the owners are likely selling "puppy mill" dogs, reports.

The co-owners of Pat's Pets, located in the township's Saw Mill Village shopping center, deny the claims, saying that their customers receive "an agreement, consumer rights, health certificate, veterinarian information, vaccine records and 14-day health guarantee."

In February, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill that requires pet stores selling cats and dogs to provide background information about the animals to combat business dealings with puppy mills. 

Pat's Pets co-owner Pat Youman, whose father has run a similar pet store in a separate location for many years without issue, told that the breeders he does business with are the same ones his father has dealt with since 2007 and they are Amish, therefore, taking pictures at breeding locations isn't possible because their belief system prohibits it.

Lead protester and animal advocate Alan Braslow told he and fellow protesters don't plan to stop their efforts "until something changes." 

He's reached out to the township, which has said that Pat's Pets is in compliance.

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