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August 25, 2017

#BearWatch2017: Bear confused as to why it wasn't invited to BBQ

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'Why can't you share?' thought the bear.

In our continuing coverage of #BearWatch2017, we head to a backyard barbecue where a particularly fearless bear withstood the licking flames of a lit grill to try and satisfy its hunger.

In the video, posted to YouTube earlier this month, a bear pokes, prods and nibbles at a smorgasbord of goodies, undeterred by the searing heat and family desperately trying to shoo it away.

The dad, whose name is apparently "Josh," even throws the bear a steak — which cost $20, according to the woman in the background — to try and appease its appetite. Nope. The bear wanted the steak, the shrimp and the whole kit and caboodle. Eventually, the bear appears to burn its paw, and scurries back into the wilderness.

"I can't believe that it would think it could get on top of a grill," background woman wonders.

You, my friend, severely underestimate the growing and more sophisticated skill set of the bears.

This has been the latest edition of #BearWatch2017.

(h/t The Concourse)