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January 29, 2016

Beatboxing iPhone owners find amusing use for Siri

Give Siri an exponential math problem and she'll provide the breakbeat

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012916_Siribeatboxing Contributed Art/YouTube

YouTube user Marcus Perez beatboxes with Siri.

Many iPhone users rely on Siri to safely send text messages on the road, create reminders and perform complex calculations. Others ignore her until one of those terrifying butt dial scenarios breaks the silence with an unanticipated question.

Last November, however, iPhone owners stumbled upon a trick that transforms Siri into an accompaniment for beatboxing. The phenomenon has led many to create fascinating videos of their experiments in several different genres.

The original prompt was pretty simple: Ask Siri to beatbox for you and she'll repeat the phrase "cats and boots," which is frequently used as a lesson in beatboxing 101.

As the trend continues to evolve, the results are becoming pretty impressive. The next video, a riff on a classical Indian tune, went viral last week on Twitter. In this case, Siri was prompted using a math problem with an exponential solution that keeps her talking almost ad infinitum in perfect rhythm.

Then there's Marcus Perez, who performed the same math trick to produce a video with a bassier vibe.

Finally, there's this guy, who attempts an uptempo electro-industrial sound.

If you want to build your relationship with Siri, give beatboxing a try or check out these useful applications for Siri that might make your life a little bit easier.