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December 07, 2017

Behold the Christmas Tree Frappuccino, Starbucks’ latest limited-edition drink

As if a whopping eight holiday-specific drink specialties weren’t enough to lure festive coffee drinkers, Starbucks has unveiled the latest (and probably last) in its buzzy, limited edition drinks of 2017: the Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

The draw here the drink’s aesthetic: It legitimately looks like a Christmas tree. We’re talking a cup filled with peppermint mocha creme – brown like tree bark – topped with a green Matcha whipped cream adorned with drizzled caramel, candied cranberries, and a dried strawberry on top.

The drink is available starting today and will remain on the menu through Monday, Dec. 11. Seems like a limited window of time to snag one of these, but at the same time the concoction probably isn't something that could (or should) be easily consumed multiple times.

How did we get here, to semi-caffeinated drinks made to resemble illegal decorative vegetations? The first of Starbuck’s limited-edition frappuccinos hit the market earlier this year, in April: the Unicorn Frappucino. Mass chaos ensued.

Since then, we’ve seen the introductions of Zombie, Vampire, and Horchata Frappuccinos, among others.

So if you’re looking for some extra festive Instagram fodder this weekend, this could be for you. Plus, the peppermint mocha blend sounds much more palatable than the mysterious pink-and-purple froth that comprised the Unicorn Frappuccino.