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September 18, 2017

Chickie's & Pete's to release mouthwatering Crabfries Card for lucky customers

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091817_CrabfriesCP Source/Chickie's and Pete's

Crabfries at Chickie's and Pete's.

Philadelphia's most will-breaking indulgence, the Crabfries at Chickie's and Pete's, will celebrate the restaurant's 40-year anniversary with a special promotion on Tuesday.

If you stop at any of the eight Chickie's and Pete's locations in the Philadelphia area, you can normally expect to pay $7.95 for the combo fries.

Beginning Tuesday morning, if you're willing to fork over $40, you'll get a special Crabfries Card that pretty much gives you a month's worth of Crabfries at any of the restaurant's locations.

Cardholders will be able to get an order of Crabfries at each location, on each visit, with as many visits as they would like per day for 40 days running from October 3rd through November 12th.

“Chickie’s & Pete’s was founded in 1977 when my family opened our Robbins Avenue location in Philadelphia,” said company chairman and founder Pete Ciarrocchi. “We thought it would be fun to introduce 1,977 Crabfries Cards to kick off our anniversary celebration.”

Only 1,977 people will have the privilege of owning a Crabfries Card. If this is up your alley, be ready to order your card here at 11 a.m. sharp on Tuesday morning.