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May 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton visits MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper to talk health care

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Hillary Clinton at Cooper Photo courtesy/Cooper University Health Care

After a rally in South Jersey, Hillary Clinton stopped at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper in Camden on Wednesday afternoon. From left to right, Clinton met: registered nurses, Jacqueline Bockarie, Kathrina Chapman, Devyn Berry and Sean Deiter; Dr. Jenny Grana, director of the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper; Stephanie Connors, senior executive vice president and chief nursing officer at Cooper; Nettie Trotman, nurse of the year at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Adrienne Kirby, president and CEO of Cooper University Health Care.

Fresh off a rally with supporters at South Jersey college on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton made a quick stop in the city of Camden.

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The Democratic presidential frontrunner visited the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper to chat with doctors, nurses and administrators about health care in the country and, specifically, the issues faced by the medical professionals at Cooper, according to Thomas Rubino, vice president of communication for Cooper University Health Care. 

"It was a short, off-the-record visit," Rubino said Wednesday. "She was just asking questions about what people are seeing and what's going on at Cooper."

Before her visit, Clinton spoke to about 1,000 supporters at Camden County College. 

PhillyVoice Director Lexie Norcross sits on the Cooper Foundation Board of Trustees. Her father, George E. Norcross III is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Cooper Health System.