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A plant-based diet offers flexibility while providing a slew of health benefits

Plant Based Diets

Health News

Penn Medicine hospitals climb higher on the U.S. News & World Report rankings

U.S. News best hospitals

Men's Health

Summer swims offer an opportunity to dive into a healthy workout routine

Swimming Health Benefits

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The best Father's Day gift may be nudging your dad to adopt healthy habits

Father Son Conversation

Men's Health

Drinking water does more than keep your body hydrated

Daily Water Amount


MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper using groundbreaking new radiation treatment

Limited - Cooper MRLinac

Men's Health

Nutrition is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle — but you don't have to give up all the foods you love

Healthy Meal


Despite fears of a 'twindemic,' influenza cases remain remarkably low

Mask wearing and the flu

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Grit can serve as a strategic asset in the fight against aging

Perseverance Fitness Willpower

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The hug is a healthy practice worth reviving after the COVID-19 pandemic

Hug Health Benefits


Cooper opening COVID-19 vaccination center in Camden County

Cooper COVID-19 Vaccine

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Cold showers can benefit your wellness, if you can endure them

Cold Shower benefits

Men's Health

Keep the fires of fitness burning in the face of continuous change

Adapt to Change

Men's Health

Stay mentally sharp as you age through exercise and a lively social life

Prevent Mental Decline

Men's Health

Make lifestyle changes to improve your health in 2021 – the pandemic proves you can

Healthy Habits 2021

Men's Health

Optimism can be hard to conjure, but it's a powerful tool for the days ahead

Optimism Benefits


Camden County adds three new walkup COVID-19 testing sites

camden county covid-19 testing sites.jpg

Men's Health

Don't let your relationship become a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Healthy Relationships Advice

Men's Health

Exercise provides an antidote to poor health – but few older men get enough

Exercise Benefits Older Men

Men's Health

Is it finally time for a federal Office of Men's Health?

Office of Men's Health

Men's Health

A gray divorce may improve your health, but there are many factors to consider

Gray Divorce Benefits

Men's Health

The power of anticipation: Improve your well-being by looking forward

Anticipation health benefits

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Defend your well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic by getting – and giving – help

Health benefits of giving

Men's Health

Simplicity: A strategy to confront the complexity in our lives

Work-Life Balance Tips

Men's Health

In a busy world, sleep sits at the epicenter of health and happiness

Better Sleep tips

Men's Health

Repositioning your priorities can lead to sustained happiness and health

Happiness keys

Men's Health

Conversations form the bedrock of relationships – and a healthy lifestyle

Communication Tips

Men's Health

Three techniques to help men improve their mental health

Men Mental Health tips


Running with a mask is difficult and hot weather could make it even harder

Men's Health

COVID-19 transition offers men an opportunity to lead by example

052120 Jersey Shore COVID-19.jpg

Men's Health

Loving relationships form a strong foundation for men seeking a healthy lifestyle

Relationships Healthy Living.jpg

Adult Health

Coronavirus fears keeping people from Philly-area emergency rooms

Coronavirus ER Visits

Health News

Cooper Specialty Care Center opens in Cherry Hill

Cooper Specialty Care

Men's Health

COVID-19 crisis creates ironic path for men to bolster social relationships

COVID-19 social relationships

Mental Health

Will the coronavirus pandemic make you a germaphobe? Probably not, but it may bring new habits

coronavirus germaphobe

Men's Health

Americans' response to the coronavirus provides a model for future behavior change

Coronavirus COVID-19 Zoom


Drive-thru coronavirus testing site opening in Camden

Coronavirus Testing Camden


Compassion and COVID-19: We will get through the pandemic, together

Compassion amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Finding your new normal through healthy behaviors during the COVID-19 outbreak

030320 Pushups.jpg

Health News

Cooper Foundation launches COVID-19 Assistance Fund seeking monetary donations, medical supplies

Cooper University Health Care's Foundation establishes COVID-19 Assistance Fund


Practical tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety

Cooper University Hospital Coronavirus Anxiety

Men's Health

The coronavirus provides a wake-up call for men to adopt a healthy lifestyle


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