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May 29, 2015

Cody Asche recalled from Triple-A to Phillies

The opening day third baseman was sent down to learn a new position due to the presence of Maikel Franco

How long does it take to sufficiently learn left field? In Cody Asche's case, 15 games got the job done.

A couple of weeks ago, the Phillies fairly shockingly sent their everyday third baseman down to the minors, a move that certainly hit Asche by surprise. It's not like he was completely setting the world on fire at the plate in Lehigh Valley, although a triple slash of .295/.358/.393 is still plenty respectable. Still, the Phillies maintained that demotion was all about Asche getting comfortable in the field. Luckily for Asche and the organization, left field is one of the easier positions to learn on the diamond.

There will now be a question of what happens in the everyday lineup and with the roster. Ben Revere has been the team's regular left fielder, so does this spell the end of the Grady Sizemore-Jeff Francoeur platoon in right to make room for the leadoff hitter? And what does this mean for the team's roster? The Phillies need to make room for Asche by removing someone from the equation, and they announced that move will be made before tonight's game against the Colorado Rockies. 

(Don't forget Domonic Brown is still kinda hanging out in Lehigh Valley, by the way.)

Regardless, expect Asche to get fairly consistent at-bats in left field for at least a little while. Ryne Sandberg hinted that the assignment in Lehigh Valley might not take a long time, and he was right. "Cody Asche, left fielder" is coming to a major league baseball stadium near you.

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