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September 20, 2018

Jersey Shore Korean fusion spot Crunchick'n replacing Ugly Duckling in Center City

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Crunchik'n Crunchik'n/Facebook


Washington Square West will soon have a Korean fusion restaurant in the former home of The Ugly Duckling, bringing Bulgogi cheesesteaks to Philadelphia via the Jersey Shore.

Crunchik'n, a family-owned restaurant on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, announced Thursday that it will be coming to Philly with an expanded menu some time in December. The storefront will be located at 212 S. 11th St. (h/t Eater Philly). 

Apparently, the soft opening is going to have free food, so you might want to make this link one of those tabs you leave nestled on your phone browser for months (other people do that, too, right?).

The current menu at Crunchik'n looks like it has the potential to be a hit in Philadelphia.

In addition to Korean fried chicken, the restaurant serves tacos, dumplings, rice bowls and bubble tea. The aforementioned Bulgogi cheesesteak is joined by a spicy pork cheesesteak as well.

For offices in Washington Square West and beyond, Crunchik'n also offers catering.

There's no firm opening date at this point, but we'll update the story when more information is available.