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April 06, 2022

IBX: The Cover Story Podcast: Cultivating Purpose & Meaningful Relationships in Business

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IBX: The Cover Story is a monthly podcast featuring timely, relevant conversations about the most important topics in health. The podcast is hosted by Peter Panageas, Senior Vice President and Market President of National Markets at Independence Blue Cross.

Internships and mentorships are known to help build the next generation of leaders in business. But they can also help cultivate purpose and meaningful relationships and provide a safe space for people to learn and grow, which is important for our well‑being.

In episode ten of IBX: The Cover Story, host Peter Panageas sits down with guests, Crystal Ashby, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer of Independence Health Group, and Melinda Bryan, Marketing Solutions Consultant, to discuss the importance of internship and mentorship in business. 


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