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November 03, 2016

Did Josh Huff have his gun on Eagles' premises?

Howie Roseman spoke with reporters Thursday afternoon in the wake of Josh Huff's arrest Tuesday and subsequent release Thursday morning. While Roseman didn't say much of anything during his press conference, one of the pertinent questions he was asked was how Huff's arrest differed from linebacker Nigel Bradham's dual arrests earlier this season. After all, Bradham's second arrest involved a gun as well.

“The fact situation and the circumstances in this one were different than Nigel," said Roseman.

Huff's arrest involved hollow-point bullets, as well as drug charges, but they didn't seem so drastically different that one player would be released while the other would remain employed by the team.

When asked if the Eagles discovered new information that wasn't already publicly available, Roseman was evasive.

“We spent a lot of time over the last 48 hours just making sure that we had the information and that we weren’t rushing to judgment," he said. "And then we have a process in place for these sort of things that could lead us to what we think is the right decision.”

One piece of information that would not be found on a police report but would be a differentiating factor between Huff and Bradham could be that Huff brought his gun to the Eagles' facilities. 

When asked whether Huff had the gun on the premises, Roseman answered, “Josh told us that he did not.”

When asked whether the Eagles found out if he did, Roseman replied, "No."

The NFL makes it very clear that they do not want guns at facilities "owned, operated or being used by an NFL club." The league's policy on guns

Prohibitions. Whether possessed legally or illegally, guns and other weapons of any kind are dangerous. You and your family can easily be the losers if you carry or keep these items in your home. You must not possess these weapons while traveling on League-related business or whenever you are on the premises of the following:

• A facility owned, operated or being used by an NFL club (for example, training camp, dormitory, locker room, workout site, parking area, team bus, team plane, team hotel/motel);

• A stadium or any other venue being used for an NFL event (for example, a game, practice or promotion);

• A facility owned or operated by the NFL or any League company.

Put simply, the League, the Players Association and law enforcement authorities urge you to recognize that you must not possess a gun or other weapon at any time you are performing any service for your team or the NFL.

While the Eagles can say that they did not determine for certain whether or not Huff brought his gun to the NovaCare Complex, it is that gray area that has led to speculation on, for instance, social media. Huff was arrested at around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday and was at the Eagles' facilities prior to his arrest.

When asked if he brought his weapon to the Eagles' facilities, Huff said that he did not, via Tim McManus of ESPN.

The 25-year-old acknowledged that he was at the Eagles' NovaCare facility Tuesday morning prior to the arrest but told ESPN that he made a stop before heading home over the Walt Whitman -- to pick up his gun. He would not reveal where.

"No," said Huff, when asked if he brought the weapon into the NovaCare facility. "I'm not Gilbert Arenas, bro. No. No. I'm not going to bring a gun onto the premises. I'm not going to bring a gun and put my life, put my teammates in jeopardy of anything. That's not me. It's solely for protection, and that's that."

Roseman said that he, owner Jeffrey Lurie, head coach Doug Pederson, and team president Don Smolenski came to a group decision to release Huff. Perhaps they weren't convinced.

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