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October 11, 2016

Donald and Hillary have the time of their lives (and they owe it all to the internet)

Every so often, strangers on the internet create something so very magical that it changes the course of history.

This video that you're about to see embedded lower in this post pretty much does that. 

Sure, sure, some could say, "Dude, Hickey, it's cute to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's debate stage presence mashed up with the soundtrack for the happiest of 'Dirty Dancing' moments, but, c'mon, does it really represent a societal shift worthy of the history books?"

To which I say, "I swear, it's the truth, and we owe it all to the anonymous hero America needed most at this point in history."

What a wonderfully whimsical distraction from the throat-biting tenor of the presidential campaign, right, supporters of both major-party candidates? LuckyTV, you're the type of foreign operation we don't mind meddling in our political affairs.

Also, RIP Swayze. Gone but never forgotten.