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July 26, 2022

Eagles' Gardner Minshew is selling his 'love shack' bus in Philly for $25,000

The quarterback has been living in the renovated former inmate transfer vehicle since February

Gardner Minshew emerged on the NFL scene a few years ago as a throwback kind of athlete, a mustachioed spark plug with limitless positivity and swagger. He looks like Creedence Clearwater Revival songs follow him into every room.

In his first season with the Eagles last year, the 26-year-old backup to Jalen Hurts acquitted himself well in limited action. He stepped in to lead Philadelphia to a 33-18 victory over the Jets in December and had a heartwarming moment with his dad in the parking lot. We don't quite have the Minshew Mania experience that took hold during his rookie season in Jacksonville, but he's a fun personality to have on the Eagles and a reliable backup if anything happens to Hurts.

Apparently, Minshew has been living in a bus since a few days after the Super Bowl in February. And he now wants to sell that bus in Philadelphia, as he and the rest of his teammates report to training camp.

Minshew took to Instagram on Monday with a video about his exploits over the last several months, explaining that he wants to find a new home for his beloved onetime home on wheels.

"I am selling my baby in Philly," Minshew writes on Instagram. "This former inmate transport bus has been completely rehabilitated and would be perfect as a tailgater (for Birds games), semi or permanent residence, and obviously and most tastefully as a love shack baby."

Minshew didn't specify the make and model of the vehicle, or the year it was made, but it has about 146,000 miles on it and comes equipped with an air conditioning unit, cooktop and refrigerator. The Mississippi native recently had the bus serviced and says he was told by his mechanic, "This thing is awesome, man!" The asking price is $25,000.

"The bus is a thing that I really wanted to do since high school," Minshew says of his traveling abode. "I just love the freedom that it affords me. It affords me a place to come and focus. I'm living at the gym — eat, sleep, shower here." 

Minshew adds that he's picked up some "hippie tendencies" on the bus, including playing acoustic guitar and whatever else might be left to the imagination.

For the most part, it seems Minshew has been driving the bus between his offseason training facility in Florida and mini-camps in Philly. Heading into his fourth NFL season, the focus remains on the field.

"What about football? It's all about football," Minshew writes. "That's why I've been parked here since February 20. That's why I've been hitting the field twice a day for 10 weeks. And that's why I'm so excited to drive this thing back to Philly and get after it. Go Birds!"

Minshew has invited those with serious interest only to inquire about the bus in his DMs on Instagram. Maybe we'll see this thing down at the Linc in a few months.