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September 16, 2022

Eagles quotables: The wide receiver Bat-Family

You can always count on Darius Slay to keep things fun.

It's been a bit of an odd week leading up to Monday night's home opener at the Linc. The Eagles beat Detroit to start 2022 1-0, but sometimes you wouldn't even know it with how much emphasis there's been – by media, fans, and the team itself – on what needs to be improved. 

Then Slay comes in on Thursday and dubs A.J. Brown "Swole Batman."

"Oh, he's stupid," Brown said Friday with a big laugh. "Man, that guy can go on and on. He definitely brightens up the room."

"You know y'all see him with the dark visor, SWOLE. You know he just looks like a swole Batman," Slay said during his press conference on Thursday. "Y'all cannot tell me he doesn't look like a swole Batman! DeVonta (Smith) is a skinny Batman, Quez (Watkins) is a fast Batman, so we got three Batmans on the team. But we got one swole, one skinny, one fast!

One other thing...

"No Robins," Slay added. "We ain't got no backups! No sidekicks, we got nothing but Batmans."

Personally, I'm all for the idea of a Philadelphia Eagles Bat-Family. 

Anyway, here's a very Slay-dominated Week 2 edition of Eagles quotables, with some of the other great lines that were dropped during the players' media availability this week ahead of Monday night against the Vikings...

"Honestly, it's like I kinda hate Monday Night Football because I watch all day Sunday football, then we get Sunday Night Football, then we get Monday and now I gotta sit here all day with no football TO WATCH until my game, and I'm like 'oh man,' then I'll be tired, but it's cool though. I love it just for the nighttime because we're the only game on TV, get all the action, but...Yeah, Monday night's too long for me. That's like 'Good lord, can I go to next week?' – CB Darius Slay on how he really feels about Monday Night Football

"I just think the place is gonna be on fire. You keep hearing so much about it. I think the place is going to be electric. It's gonna be tough to play in if I'm the opposing team." – WR A.J. Brown on his first Eagles home game.

"Well, it doesn't matter what game it is, I'm always hyped. It can be Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, it doesn't matter. I'm always up, the team's always up, we're ready to go. When those lights come up, we're ready to go. – Slay on how he really feels when it's gametime. 

"Swole Batman...We talked about it afterward and were just saying we're gonna bring a cape or something whenever we score a touchdown." – Brown on when he first heard the "Swole Batman" nickname

"We know that we gave up 35 points last week and that's not our standard. Our standard is to keep a team to a certain amount of points and obviously, you'll take a win but at the end of day, 35 points is a lot. We can't keep continuing to give up that." – DT Fletcher Cox on the defense's performance last week

"I don't how to go, I can't tell you how to go. I just want to win." – QB Jalen Hurts when asked if teams will shift priorities between defending either Brown or Smith week to week

"We know very much that that game could've been lost. I think everybody saw that watching it. We're obviously very happy that we won the game and I think it's good when you can win games like that, it speaks well to a team. But we all know there is A LOT to fix from that tape and I know, myself personally, that there are a lot of things I need to do to put our team in a better situation. I don't think we're approaching it light at all." – C Jason Kelce on what he and the team need to work on after watching the Week 1 tape

"You always control what you can control. I can't control if the ball's coming to me or not, so you just gotta always do your job, always do the right thing, and when it comes to you, make a play." – WR DeVonta Smith on his lack of targets Week 1 against Detroit

"I played baseball as a kid so I've always had a pretty nice slide and I've been able to translate it to the game of football when I need it." – Hurts on how he learned to slide after he takes off running

"I think it's surreal, just...I look back at fans at Alabama, I can turn on the game right now and they're wearing No. 2 jerseys. In Oklahoma, they're wearing No. 1 Hurts jersey after only being a year there. Then in the city of Philadelphia, I see so many kids wearing the No. 1 jersey, even the 2 jersey, and it means a lot...Means a lot." – Hurts on seeing people wear his jersey

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