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January 11, 2015

Embrace the ice and snow

A guide to a Philly snow day

Snow Fun
Carroll - Snow in Philadelphia Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

A snowy day in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia has experienced it's first major snowstorm of 2015, and we can expect more coatings to come this winter. Surely, the frigid temperatures have made any time outside difficult to bear. But if you're willing to brave the cold, there's plenty of ways to enjoy the snow in Philly. 


Dan McQuade of Philadelphia Magazine put together a comprehensive list of all the great spots to sled in Philadelphia. The locations encompass almost every part of the city and the surrounding suburbs, from South Philly to Doylestown. It even includes previews of some of the more popular slopes, such as the Art Museum steps:

Publicly Shaming Neighbors

While shoveling your sidewalk is not only a common courtesy but the law, some Philadelphian's don't feel the need to clear the small space outside their door. Thankfully, the tumblr account Unshoveled Sidewalks of Philly provides an outlet to let the internet know who's being a bad citizen. You can submit photos to the blog of perpetrators by email or twitter, and their wrongdoings will be on the world wide web for all to see:


Reenact the Snow Bowl

Despite a record of 10 wins and 6 losses, the Philadelphia Eagles fell short of the NFL playoffs this year. With plenty of talk about the future of the team, take a moment to remember a great moment in the Eagles' past. The Snow Bowl last season saw the birds make a fourth quarter comeback at home while playing in a sea of powder. Grab your buddies, sweatpants and football and channel your inner Ed Rendell to relive a positive moment in Philly's sports history:

Finally, Avoid College Campuses

Because this might happen: