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February 08, 2020

First U.S. citizen dies of coronavirus in Wuhan hospital

A 60-year-old American woman has died in China of the illness

A U.S. Citizen died of the novel coronavirus Thursday, making it the first known American death from the disease. 

The female citizen was around 60 years old and had other health complications, The New York Times reported Saturday. She died at the Jinyintan hospital in Wuhan and not many other details are known about her death at this time. 

A Japanese citizens also died in a Wuhan hospital Saturday, but Japanese officials said they could not confirm if he had coronavirus. The official cause of death of the man in his 60's was pneumonia. 

In New Jersey, Chinese nationals coming from mainland China were screened for the novel illness when they docked in Bayonne. Four of them showed signs of the coronavirus and were sent to a nearby hospital. 

There are no confirmed cases of infected persons in New Jersey or Pennsylvania at this time. 

The death toll of coronavirus is over 700 as of Saturday and the number of infected cases is over 34,000. Most of those who have died have been Chinese citizens, and usually elderly or had prior health conditions.

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