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October 25, 2017

Former NFL punter tells tale of first game back in Philly after swimming arrest

NFL Eagles

After the Eagles' 34-24 takedown of Washington on Monday night, it was hardly more than a footnote that, yes, an Eagles fan got leveled outside the stadium by a guy in a Kirk Cousins jersey.

These things happen at stadiums all around the country. When it happened during the Eagles' previous game at Carolina, the man responsible for throwing the punch was eventually identified and charged

Isn't it much better to focus on superfans like Larry Poff, whose heartfelt (and maybe liverfelt) love for the Eagles is all-out devotion in its purest form? 

Is it natural to miss the days of the entire Linc shouting "sucks!" after the opposing team's starters are announced? Yes, yes it is. But chanting Jason Peters' name as he's carted off the field is every bit as meaningful. Eagles fans might actually be maturing.

Even if the fanbase isn't full of provocateurs anymore, there will always be a few thousand remaining and there will always be a lifetime's worth of memories.

That brings us to Pat McAfee, a Pennsylvania native and former All-Pro punter for the Indianapolis Colts. In 2010, the rambunctious young special teamer got arrested in Indy for public intoxication. He "allegedly" went for a dip in a city canal with a BAC of 0.15, nearly twice the state's legal limit, and police later found him soaking wet in the city's trendy Broad Ripple neighborhood.

"I am not sure," McAfee reportedly told authorities when asked whether he had been swimming in the canal. The NFL suspended him for a single game.

In February of this year, McAfee retired and launched a podcast at Barstool Sports. Here he tells the story of his trip to the Linc in his first game back from the suspension.