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October 30, 2015

WATCH: Police say 4 officers injured in student brawl near Allentown high school

Assaults Police
10302015_Brawl Screenshot /YouTube

According to authorities, this photo shows a student attacking a police officer during a brawl outside a high school in Allentown.

Police say four officers were injured Thursday while attempting to break up a series of fights near a high school in Allentown, The Morning Call reports.

Police responded to reports around 3 p.m. of as many as 200 high-school-age teens fighting at intersections two to five blocks east of Allen High School.

"The large groups split up into several different groups," Assistant Police Chief Bill Lake told The Morning Call. "Officers found themselves responding to several areas." 

Lake told the paper that some of the teens then turned on the officers as they attempted to pull the fighters apart. Four officers were injured, authorities said.

A video, originally posted on Facebook, shows a crowd of teens and one officer being attacked after chasing one of the girls.

Warning: The video below contains profanity and violence.

Three teens were arrested Thursday following the incident. Lake said there may be more arrests.

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