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October 01, 2020

Man arrested after breaking into FOX29 studio with sledgehammer, police say

Suspect allegedly demanded to speak with 'Good Day Philadelphia' anchor Mike Jerrick

Police Arrests
FOX29 studio Google/Street View

Philadelphia police arrested a man who allegedly broke into the FOX29 studio in Old City on Thursday, Oct. 1 2020.

A 58-year-old man was arrested early Thursday morning after he smashed the front entrance windows of FOX29's studio in Old City, Philadelphia police said.

The incident occurred around 5:20 a.m. at 3rd and Market streets, where several windows to the security entrance were broken with a small sledgehammer.

When police arrived, they observed a witness securing the suspect inside the studio's reception area.

Police attempted to secure the suspect, but a struggle ensued until a SEPTA police officer deployed his Taser, police said.

Investigators said they received information that suspect, upon breaking into the studio, demanded to meet with "Good Day Philadelphia" anchor Mike Jerrick.

“My mother died in a meth lab and I need to talk to Mike Jerrick," the man allegedly said, according to police.

The suspect was taken to Pennsylvania Hospital for a mental health evaluation, authorities said. Police did not release his name. 

"Good Day Philadelphia" addressed the incident during Thursday telecasts. The hosts said no one at FOX29 was harmed. There were no other injuries reported to police or the public. 

Charges have not yet been announced.