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June 21, 2016

Governor Wolf seeks to increase school funding without raising taxes

Gearing up for negotiations over the Pennsylvania budget, Governor Wolf unveiled his list of priorities while stressing the ability to do so without a tax increase.

On Tuesday, Gov. Wolf was interviewed on CBS Pittsburgh Radio and highlighted three key proposals for the budget: funding education, funding addiction treatment and reducing the deficit.

"I think all this can be done without a broad based tax increase. I’m not asking for a Sales Tax increase or Personal Income Tax increase," Gov. Wolf said. "I think we can do all this; the balanced budget, the increase in education, and heroin initiatives without a broad based tax increase."

Citing education as his top priority, Gov. Wolf wants a $250 million increase for basic education, $30 million for early childhood education and $30 million for special education.

With a significant investment in education, Gov. Wolf warned that the state could be faced with a $1 billion cut to education.

The administration also wants $34 million to address the state's heroin and opioid crisis.

Gov. Wolf recently hosted a social media town hall on how the state is currently battling the issue.

The final proposal was to balance the state budget with a tax increase to residents.

"I think that we’re making some good progress. I think we’re very close,” Gov. Wolf said.