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November 09, 2018

Gritty fever still fresh, Philly reacts to another new mascot

Lacrosse Mascots
Winsgton Wings Mascot Philadelphia Wings/Twitter

Wingston is the new mascot of the National Lacrosse League's Philadelphia Wings.

The Philadelphia Wings witnessed the meteoric rise of Flyers mascot Gritty — and they wanted a piece.

So the professional lacrosse team rolled out a brand new mascot of its own on Friday.

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Meet Wingston, who's like a ... dragon? Griffin? Prehistoric turtlesaurus?

Whatever he is, he's family now, even if he's a lax bro. (We all know Gritty sucks really bad at hockey and we still love him, anyway.)

Here's what Philly is saying about the latest addition to the mascot club. You have to get hazed a little, Wingston. Then you're cool.