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September 15, 2015

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Falcons game

ATLANTA -- Well that was a buzz kill. On a frustrating night in Atlanta, the Eagles came out extraordinarily flat, and their second-half rally fell short as the Falcons sent them to an 0-1 record out of the gate. Win or lose, as always, our 10 post-game awards!

The 'Why'd you spend so much on running backs if you're not gonna use 'em' award: Chip Kelly

I mean, I get it. The Falcons had eight in the box all game, and the run game wasn't exactly working, but literally nobody has the following split of carries in mind before the season began:

  1. DeMarco Murray: 8
  2. Darren Sproles: 5
  3. Ryan Mathews: 3

The backs did contribute in the passing game, especially Darren Sproles, who was great. But still... Bleh.

Meanwhile, Sam Bradford threw the ball 52 times. Maybe we should have called this the Andy Reid Award?

The Odell Beckham Jr. Award: Kiko Alonso

This speaks for itself:

Alonso, chatterbox that he is, described the play in the locker room after the game.

"I just had the guy coming in, and I turned around, and he threw it my way."

Thanks, Kiko.

The Bradley Fletcher Award: Byron Maxwell

Last season, we used to refer to #24 as Bradley "Under the Rainbow" Fletcher.

Bradley Fletcher

To be fair, Julio Jones is pretty freaking good, but we saw a bunch of this...

Byron Maxwell Julio Jones

The Ruh Roh Award: Cody Parkey

After a very shaky preseason, Parkey missed an incredibly important 44-yard field goal that Chip Kelly categorized as "not a tough one." It would have given the Eagles a one-point lead with about two and a half minutes to go.

Would you say it's time for Eagles fans to crack each others' skulls open and feast on the goo inside? Yes, I would, Kent.

The Dink and Dunk Award: Sam Bradford

OK, so if the Falcons had eight in the box all game, why not take a few shots down the field? It's hard to determine whether the Eagles just weren't calling for deeper throws or if Bradford chose not to attempt them, but that's certainly one way to keep a defense honest.

The Cinderblock Hands Award: Malcolm Jenkins

Malcolm Jenkins
Far too often, Jenkins does a great job getting himself in position to make big plays, and then he doesn't finish. Credit him for being in good position and breaking up pass plays, but turnovers >>> pass breakups.

The Invisible Man Award: Nelson Agholor

After a great training camp and flashy preseason, Agholor started but didn't have a catch until the fourth quarter. One catch, five yards.

The Surprise Nickel Award: Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Maragos

There were questions as to who the Eagles were going to use at nickel back. Would it be Eric Rowe? E.J. Biggers? Nope. The Eagles opted to slide Jenkins down into the slot and put Maragos in at safety. In other words, the Eagles would prefer a special teams guy be on the field with the regular defense over their second-round draft pick.

The No Holes Award: Eagles' OL

The Falcons bottled up the Eagles' rushing attack inside all game long, as the Eagles' OL failed to open up any holes in the interior of the Falcons D. That is concerning, as the inside run is an enormous part of the Eagles' offense.

The 'Must Win' Award: Eagles

Yep, we're headed into Week 2 and the Eagles already face a 'must win' game at home against the Cowboys next Sunday.

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