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April 22, 2020

Simple guide to DIY tie-dye at home

The fashion trend is rising in popularity during social distancing

DIY Fashion
DIY tie dye Photo by Sharon McCutcheon/on Unsplash

You can create a tie-dyed outfit at home while social distancing. Our simple guide includes info on tie-dye kits to buy and techniques to use.

It seems that matching tie-dyed sweats are the latest quarantine fashion trend to emerge on social media.

There are plenty of places to shop online for the colorful loungewear, but you could also save your stimulus check and DIY instead.

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You're probably bored at home, so why not take on an artsy project to keep yourself occupied? Plus, making a tie-dyed shirt, sweatshirt, pants, socks, or whatever you have laying around, is easy and requires few materials.

Things you need for tie-dyeing

• Rubber gloves
• Rubber bands
• Squeeze bottles
• Dye
• Zip-lock plastic bags
• Items to tie-dye

Many kits that you can buy online come with almost everything you need. Popular picks include Tulip's One-Step kit and Jacquard Tie Die kit, but there are many other options available, too.

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Once you have your supplies, you'll need a space to work. Make sure to cover the area with a garbage bag or old sheet or towel so you don't ruin any surfaces.

Picking a design

The way you tie your clothing with the rubber bands will create the design, so if you have a specific look in mind – like a classic spiral – you may want to watch a few how-to videos before getting started.

This short video from Jacquard Products shows how to get a rainbow spiral by twisting the material.

Another option when tie-dyeing is to use the crumple technique, which YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki demonstrates in this video posted on her channel, LaurDIY.

There are also methods to create stripes or a bullseye, if that's more your style, and if you'd prefer an acid-washed look (or you only have dark clothes to work with), you can use bleach instead of dye.

What to do after dyeing your clothes

Put your colorful creation in a zip-lock plastic bag and let it sit for at least eight hours so the material can absorb the dye. The less time the fabric is exposed to the dye, the lighter the color will be. So, for vivid shades you'll want to wait 24 hours.

When ready, undo the rubber bands and rinse under cold water to wash away the excess dye. Next, throw your tie-dyed masterpiece in the washing machine and dryer.

After that, you're ready to rock your new look, and hopefully the colorful print puts a smile on your face while social distancing.

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