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September 28, 2017

In new movie, the role Olivia Munn cherishes most is that of mother

As 'Koko' in 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie,' Munn praises her co-stars, acting as a doting mother and formidable martial artist

Olivia Munn is used to being a main character in her films, like when she played a kicka** version of iconic heroine Psylocke in last year's "X-Men: Apocalypse."

Yet, in "The LEGO Ninjago Movie," Munn voices "Koko," Lloyd the "Green Ninja"'s mom. With the focus on the young, cool team of ninjas, Munn explained at a junket for "Ninjago" how it felt playing the caring mom and then the cool mom – who is cooler and more mysterious than she looks. She makes every scene count.

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"When I looked at the character of Koko, what I wanted to do was play as this eternal optimist. That she realizes Lloyd, her son, is going through a really rough time and she's just trying to love him through it, she said: 

"She wants him to know that whatever he is going through, no matter the attitude, he might have on that day, she was going to not judge him and keep loving him through it.

"What I love is that as we go through this movie, you see this other side of her that you didn't realize was there," Munn continued. "What I really loved about that it really showed the depth of her talent and who she is as a person."

Munn also appreciates the role martial arts play in the film.

"I grew up doing martial arts and everything Jackie [Chan] has said about it teaching you and what you learn from it is so true," she said. 

"There are things about life and people's interactions which I can think you can only truly appreciate when you do martial arts and reach a certain level of understanding."

Though you can call Olivia Munn a martial artist, an actress and a model, she makes it clear which title means the most to her.

"With Koko, what I loved is that out of all the things she can do and be in the world – and you know it's clear when she shows who she really is and all of the things she's already done, she chooses to be a mother," emphasized Munn. 

"That said so much to me...She could have been a hero for many, but instead, she chooses to be a hero for one," Munn concluded. 

"That, to me, shows just how important being a mother is – and I just love that part of her. It was really fun to play."