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March 05, 2023

Jason Kelce joins brother Travis for 'Saturday Night Live' sketch

Travis Kelce hosted the March 4 show, and the Eagles center showed up alongside his little brother for a few cameos throughout the episode

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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce hosted the March 4 episode of "Saturday Night Live." His brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, joined the fun, popping up during Travis' monologue as well as having a cameo in a skit.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce emerged victorious in the brother-versus-brother showdown that was Super Bowl LVII, earning the Lombardi Trophy as well as opportunities like a hosting role on "Saturday Night Live." Eagles center Jason Kelce isn't letting his little bro have all the spotlight, though.

Travis hosted the March 4 episode of SNL, with Kelsea Ballerini as musical guest. Jason popped up during the monologue, and he made a cameo in a sketch later in the episode.

The show kicked off with Travis' monologue during which he discussed winning his second Super Bowl as well as roasting his brother's team for their loss. 

"People keep asking me what it was like to beat my brother in the Super Bowl, and it was pretty awkward," Travis joked. "Especially because after the game we had to ride home together. Our mom drove us there in her minivan, just like the good old days. Even though his team lost after being up by 10 points at half, my brother is actually really happy for me."

The camera panned over to Jason sitting in the audience with his mother and father, looking less than pleased. 

Jason was soon cheered up, though, as Travis went on to talk about his unsuccessful 2016 dating show, "Catching Kelce."

"That show is owned by NBCUniversal, so it should be on Peacock, but Peacock said, 'Nah, we good.," Travis said, winning an outburst of laughter from Jason in the audience.

As TMZ predicted, Jason later joined his brother on stage for a cameo during the "Abby the Ex-Girlfriend" sketch, in which a woman runs into her ex at the bar with his new fiancée. 

Abby (Heidi Gardner) spots a man she's obsessed with (Travis Kelce) with whom she previously shared one date. She finds out her former flame is engaged to Madison (Chloe Fineman) and that they're about to have a baby, which prompts her to burst out crying. The crocodile tears gag, which squirts water everywhere, caused Travis to comically break character.

Later in the segment, Abby gets the last laugh when she introduces her boyfriend, who she describes as a "little bit older" and "totally ripped." Jason then enters the scene decked out in a fuzzy striped sweater.

"Is this guy bothering you?" Jason asks. "Do you need me to beat him up because I definitely could."

Jason's threat leads Travis to cry huge crocodile tears himself.

In a pre-filmed football commercial parody called "NFL Gives Back," Jason again makes a cameo with his brother and Chiefs lineman Creed Humphrey.

Other humorous segments of the evening center on a trip to American Girl Cafe, a self defense class that takes an unexpected turn, the perks of having straight male friends and a spoof of the Netflix dating show "Too Hot to Handle." 

Jason again took the stage alongside his brother during Travis' closing remarks, and there certainly seemed to be no bad blood as the pair happily embraced.

Perhaps the Kelce brothers will discuss their funny SNL jabs at each other during an upcoming episode of their joint podcast, "New Heights."

Travis' episode of "Saturday Night Live" can be streamed now on Peacock.

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