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July 01, 2020

Man's fake Jersey Mike's campaign fools Twitter with Black Lives Matter sandwich

Social media prank pretends chain renamed BLT in support of Black Lives Matter

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Jersey Mike's BLM Jersey Mike's Subs/Facebook

Jersey Mike's Subs was the subject of a Twitter prank that claimed the company was renaming its BLT sandwich a "BLM" to show support for Black Lives Matter. The person who created a fake statement later explained it was done to make a point about corporate gestures.

Throughout the month of June, Twitter and other social media platforms were rife with corporate statements of solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the peaceful protesters against racism and police brutality.

It was only a matter of time before someone came along with an over-the-top prank.

On Tuesday night, it came at the expense of Jersey Mike's, the hoagie chain based out of Wall Township in Monmouth County. The company has about 2,000 locations across the United States. 

Twitter user Yassir Lester posted a photo of an apparent statement from Jersey Mike's. The statement claimed the company would change its BLT sandwich into a "BLM" sandwich, dropping the "to" from "tomato."

“We here at Jersey Mike’s are always striving for greatness. With our sandwiches, but also in our community," the fake statement said. "We have listened to the larger cultural conversation and have decided that effective tomorrow, July 1, our famous BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich, will now be known as the BLM: Bacon, Lettuce, and ‘Mato sandwich.”

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The official social media accounts for Jersey Mike's showed no indication that the statement came from the company. That didn't stop some people from believing it was real.

On Wednesday morning, the original account that posted the fake statement fessed up to the prank. Lester, a comedian and writer, issued his own statement. 

"Jersey Mike's didn't say this, no. But a lot of corporations have come close," Lester said. "They've all promised money to 'the community' yet we have no idea where any of it is going. We need to divest from police and invest in an infrastructure that keeps Black and other marginalized groups terrorized by law enforcement safe and accountable."

Some replies to Lester's tweet pointed out that the Jersey Mike's idea was not entirely beyond the realm of reality, somehow. 
Another user praised Jersey Mike's for its help in the community during the coronavirus pandemic. 
Others have been critical of Lester for satirizing the issue at the expense of an uninvolved company, rather than addressing it in another venue. 
As of Wednesday afternoon, Jersey Mike's has not responded to or addressed the fake statement in any way.