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July 28, 2017

Jordan Hicks' broken hand will not cause him to miss any time

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On the Philadelphia Eagles' first day of full team practices to open 2017 training camp, starting middle linebacker Jordan Hicks participated in most of the team's activities, including team drills, though he was somewhat limited.

As PhillyVoice first reported at the end of June, Hicks injured his hand while getting out of a pool during his honeymoon in Greece. On Thursday, Hicks provided more details of his injury.

"You know what happened, man," Hicks joked when asked what happened. "Y'all figured that out before my freaking mom knew what happened.

"It was an unfortunate event. I was on my honeymoon, and I slipped by the pool. I wish I had a better story. That's been the question here for me for the last few days. What happened? What happened? What happened?

"I slipped by the pool and tried to brace myself. The ground that they use out there is kind of rocky and unstable. They use this glaze over top of the rocks, and I was getting out of the pool and slipped. I tried to brace myself, and unfortunately, it just snapped my hand, snapped my finger in half."

Hicks broke his fifth metacarpal bone in his right hand. That would be the following bone, for those of you who are not doctors:

Hicks explained that the injury was nowhere near as serious as others that he has suffered.

"It's nothing," said Hicks. "I've been through so much worse. It's a pinky... During the season, guys play the next week with this injury."

Hicks said that he did not get a cast put on his hand for the rest of his trip in Greece, which lasted another four or five days after the injury occurred. When he returned back to Philly, he had a procedure done, opting not to put his faith in Greek doctors. 

"I walked into those hospitals, and the freaking doctors and nurses were smoking cigarettes," Hicks joked. "They were relaxing and having a great time. So I'm like, 'OK, I'll limit what they do to me.'" 

For now, Hicks is wearing a soft removable cast, and he demonstrated to the media that he has full range of motion in his hand.

"When I'm (not on the field), I have no cast," said Hicks. "When I'm out on the field, they put this soft cast on. I think that is for maybe four weeks, so I'm almost about three weeks in. So four weeks might be next week. I've got this glove, they put some special padding on it."

Long story short, he's fine.

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