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August 06, 2015

Kiko Alonso misses practice with concussion; DeSean Jackson reportedly separates shoulder

Eagles LB sits out; DeSean hurt by blocking sled

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080615KikoAlonso Matt Rourke/AP

Kiko Alonso, before he ran head first into something/someone.

Eagles projected starting linebacker Kiko Alonso missed practice Thursday with a concussion. He was one of three players who did not go today, as DeMarco Murray (sickness) and S Jerome Couplin were also out.

Asked what new defensive players have impressed so far throughout camp, TE Zach Ertz pointed to Alonso, and talked about his injury. 

"Kiko is a stud, man," said Ertz. "He can do anything you ask of a linebacker. He can cover, he can pursue the ball, he's very very smart, he's very patient and he's able to use his athleticism to the best of his ability. I think that's something that has kind of stood out to me.

"Playing against him in college, he plays no differently in practice than he does in the game. I think that's what's most impressive. He might have knocked himself silly. I don't think the linemen did anything to him. I think that was Kiko doing it to himself. Kiko doesn't take hits from offensive linemen. That's what you want to see out of your linebackers. They're supposed to destroy blocks, and that's what Kiko does, and he loves the game of football. He's a passionate football player, and he's going to bring his all, whether it's August 1st or December 7th."

Dr. Ertz, MD also opined on Alonso's timetable. 

"He'll be back soon," said Ertz.

DeSean Jackson hurt by tackling dummy

DeSean Jackson separated his shoulder during Redskins practice today:

Apparently, DeSean lost a battle with a blocking sled.

Former Eagles WR Donte Stallworth wondered why there would be blocking sleds anywhere near wide receivers during 1-on-1 drills.

Because Redskins, Donte. Because Redskins. Obligatory DeSean vs. blocking sled stick figure:

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