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September 11, 2018

Latest in GoFundMe controversy: Mark D'Amico arrested on outstanding traffic warrant

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Kate McClure Johnny Kate McClure/GoFundMe

Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt, the homeless man who helped her after she got stranded on I-95 in Philadelphia. McClure started a crowdfunding effort that raised more than $400,000 to help the veteran get back on his feet. But now much of the money is reporting missing.

Updated Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 1:15 p.m.: Mark D'Amico was arrested around 9:30 p.m. on Monday in Florence Township for an outstanding traffic warrant, according to 6ABC. He was taken to a Burlington County jail and has not posted bail, which is set at $500.

The New Jersey couple being sued over the alleged mishandling of $400,000 intended for homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt may be indicted, their attorney said on Monday. 

After authorities executed a search warrant last Thursday at the home of Mark D'Amico and Katelyn McClure, Ernest Badway of Fox Rothschild said the firm may not be able to represent the couple because one or both may be indicted, according to a motion filed in court. 

LATEST: GoFundMe says Johnny Bobbitt Jr. will receive the remaining balance from fundraiser

"...Since it is expected that one or both of the Defendants will likely be indicted, my firm and I will no longer be able to continue our representation of them in this matter," the filing says.

The filing did not include any further explanation.

The case has demanded headlines since August when Bobbitt filed a civil lawsuit against D'Amico and McClure over his suspicion that they had pocketed some of the monies raised during a GoFundMe campaign they started on his behalf. Bobbitt believed the couple used some of that money for personal use, including expensive trips, a used BMW, and gambling.

The couple initiated the GoFundMe campaign to thank Bobbitt after he spent his last $20 to buy gas for McClure who was stranded on I-95 in Philadelphia when her car ran out of gas. WIth the idea of helping Bobbitt get off the streets, McClure and D'Amico set up a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $10,000. The story resonated as 14,000 donors raised $400,000 in just a few weeks.

Bobbitt reportedly received about $25,000 from the couple.

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In late August, the couple was ordered to turn over what was left of the funds — but the $400,000 is no more, according to Bobbitt's lawyers. 

The couple did not appear in court and attempted to plead the Fifth Amendment through their attorney in an effort to protect their financial records, but a Burlington County judge rejected the request. A search warrant was executed at the couple's Florence Township home the next day. Bags of clothes and financial records were seen being taken out of the house and a black car was towed from the property. 

No charges have been filed against the couple, as of Tuesday morning. 

GoFundMe released a statement that day, promising to give Bobbitt the funds he was entitled to, regardless if the initial funds are recovered or not. 

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