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October 08, 2017

Listen: Former CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord draws baffling tie between abortion, Las Vegas massacre

When last we heard from Pennsylvania native Jeffrey Lord, the former CNN contributor and fervent Donald Trump supporter was busy losing his job over a tweet in which he spouted the Nazi salute "Seig Heil" at a liberal activist.

His reaction to the loss of employment? 

President Trump stood up for "Poor Jeffrey" last month during his rally in Phoenix, bashing CNN for ditching one of the network's few unswerving analysts in the president's camp. 

But there are very few places for a man in Lord's position to immediately go to turn things around. One of them is The American Spectator and the other is Sean Hannity's radio show. 

After last week's horrific massacre in Las Vegas, Lord appeared as one of Hannity's guests to discuss the fallout of the attack, which left 58 people dead and hundreds injured at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 

Lord dove right into his big picture interpretation of what could motivate people like shooter Stephen Paddock to show such cold-blooded disregard for human life. It's abortion, according to Lord (jump to the 45-second mark for Lord's comments). 

"How in the world in a culture — if a culture does not value life do we get into this situation?" Lord asked. "We get into this situation, I would suggest, and perhaps we need to finally have the conversation about abortion. How many millions of babies have lost their lives here because of a right to choice that was written by the Supreme Court out of thin air?

The comments were Lord's expansion on a piece he wrote last week for The American Spectator, where he argued that the standard liberal turn to reforming gun ownership in America is and always will be misguided. Lord's primary sources for the article were himself a few years ago and Wikipedia. 

"If we have a culture that disrespects human life and teaches people to have disrespect for human life, how else are we going to wind up than we did with this guy in Las Vegas who had no respect for human life?" Lord continued on Hannity's show. 

Investigators are still putting together the pieces of Stephen Paddock's personal history to determine a motive for his methodically planned attack. Among the more relevant facts of their investigation is his unchecked purchase of approximately 33 guns between October 2015 and October 2016, rounding out a collection of 47 firearms.