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December 28, 2016

Lyft announces most visited places in Philadelphia for 2016

Did you take a Lyft to Morgan's Pier this year? Join the club.

The ridesharing giant announced the winners of its second annual "Lyftie Awards" Wednesday, showing some of the most visited places in Philadelphia and, well, the results aren't exactly the most shocking.

Lyft took a look at the most passenger drop-offs and ranked the top restaurant, bar, transit stop, event space and found a "trending destination" that was picked by Andrew Woolf, general manager for Lyft-Philadelphia. 

Here are the results for Philly:

• Most visited restaurant: Morgan's Pier

• Most visited bar: Frankford Hall

• Most visited transit stop: 30th Street Station

• Most visited event space: Wells Fargo Center

• Trending destination: SugarHouse Casino

While trips to Morgan's Pier, Frankford Hall, SugarHouse (think: drinking) or 30th Street (think: excessive luggage) make the most sense for a hired set of wheels, the Wells Fargo Center may be a little out of left field. I mean, c'mon – the subway does go directly there, after all.

Lyft also ranked an "only in" spot determined by drop-offs exclusive to the region. Philly's pick? Yeah, it was Wawa.

“These businesses are core to what makes the community so unique, and we’re thrilled to dedicate to them this year’s Lyftie Awards," Woolf said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Lyft said the company wasn't releasing numbers for just how many people went to each of those places, however.

But nationally, Lyft said that the most visited restaurant was the Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville. (No, not the supermarket.)

The Abbey in Los Angeles snagged the spot for the most visited bar by Lyfters in the country, while The MGM Grand in Las Vegas was the most visited hotel, Union Station in Washington, D.C. was the top visited transit stop, and Navy Pier in Chicago was the most visited tourist destination.

Lyft celebrated its Philadelphia launch in January 2015, and after a long battle with the Philadelphia Parking Authority, became legal after Gov. Tom Wolf signed a bill legalizing rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber in November.  

The company also said in mid-December that it pumped about $38.6 million in "new spending" into Philly's economy over the past year.