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May 16, 2015

Makeup artists age couple through '100 years of Beauty'

Soon-to-be-married couple peers into crystal ball

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051715_age Field Day /YouTube

Kristie and Tavis got a glimpse at the next seventy years together as a married couple

If you've ever read Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray,' you're well advised that worshipping youth rather than savoring it can be a dangerous mindset, figuratively chaining us to impossible standards.

Of course, 40 being the new 30 and 50 being the new 40 has helped to counteract at least some of the swift ravages of time and, let's be real here, stress. Regular exercise has increasingly been linked to a more youthful appearance and zest for life, giving legitimacy to the idea of a "real age" that's more than numerical.

Ultimately, cranky or not, everyone gets old. If you are or you're getting married, you know that part of the ride is experiencing each gradual, physical transformation with your partner (research even suggests couples grow to resemble each other over time). 

The challenge is it's hard to predict what this will look and feel like, leaving support, trust and gut feeling to steer the course of love.

As an experiment, one engaged couple, Kristie and Tavis, worked with a team of makeup artists to simulate how they would age from their late 20s into their 90s, stopping at various points to embody the person they'll be along the way. Field Day and Cut Video produced the following recap that takes us through the couple's heartfelt reactions "over the years."

Here's to hoping Kristie and Tavis age as gracefully as this five minutes suggests is achievable. Definitely take the sunscreen advice for what it's worth, though.