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November 06, 2016

Mayor Kenney burns Trump fanboy Rudy Giuliani on Twitter

With the clock ticking down to the 2016 presidential election, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney sat back and had a good laugh Sunday at the expense of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

It would be impossible for any follower of U.S. politics to have missed Giuliani's almost fiendish support for Donald Trump.

Dozens of flummoxed and weirded out columnists have taken the time to analyze this adoration, a sampling of which you can read below.

• Politico's Brooks Kraft examines Giuliani's apocalyptic claim that "there is no next election" and wonders whether he is losing his mind

• Wayne Barrett of The New York Daily News delineates just how Giuliani and Trump became "peas in a pod"

• Barrett, again, writes for The Daily Beast that a Trump Super-PAC has been helping out Giuliani's law firms

• Jelani Cobb at The New Yorker looks at "The Appalling Last Act" of Rudy Giuliani

Then there was Giuliani's premature brag that he was fed information from the FBI about director James Comey's then-pending plan to reopen his review of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. When Comey threw the election for a loop, Giuliani backtracked, denying that he received intel from any current FBI agents.

In the end, Comey announced Sunday that there will be no charges against Clinton after the FBI's second review, reitering the conclusion he reached in July.

Rudy, it sure seems, can fail indeed.