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November 19, 2020

Glassdoor lists event coordinator, chef among jobs at highest risk in 2021

Job openings in these 20 roles have declined during the pandemic

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Stylists of all kinds, including hairdressers and pet groomers, have been impacted by the pandemic. The demand for stylist jobs has been cut by 50%, with many people choosing to go without in-person services or turning to DIY.

The job search website Glassdoor released a new report Thursday on job predictions for 2021, naming the 20 jobs that are most at risk next year because of the way the coronavirus pandemic has shifted consumer behavior and workplace habits.

Jobs for personal services are down, as well as education jobs and sales jobs. Stylists, professors and sales managers all made the list.

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Administrative and lower-skilled office roles also are being cut, and with people postponing non-emergency health care needs until after the pandemic, jobs for discretionary health services are seeing a sharp decline.

The two jobs Glassdoor names as most at risk in 2021 are audiologist and event coordinator.

Below is the full list of at-risk jobs. The detailed report is available on Glassdoor. According to the company, these are common jobs – with 5,000 or more job openings in the United States – that have suffered large drops between Oct. 2019 and Oct. 2020.

  1. Audiologist (70% decline)
  2. Event Coordinator (69% decline)
  3. Product Demonstrator (63% decline)
  4. Optician (61% decline)
  5. Chef (56% decline)
  6. Executive Assistant (55% decline)
  7. Beauty Consultant (53% decline)
  8. Valet (51% decline)
  9. Stylist (50% decline)
  10. Coach (47% decline)
  11. Brand Ambassador (41% decline)
  12. Pet Groomer (41% decline)
  13. Physical Therapist (40% decline)
  14. Intern (39% decline)
  15. Professor (39% decline)
  16. HR Generalist (37% decline)
  17. Accounts Payable Specialist (37% decline)
  18. Receptionist (35% decline)
  19. Instructor (34% decline)
  20. Sales Manager (34% decline)

"The combination of a global pandemic, severe recession, widespread social unrest and a highly polarized national election has left experts more in the dark than usual about what comes next in 2021," the report states. "After a tumultuous year, we already appear to be in the midst of a rapid economic recovery. But until COVID-19 is brought under control, the global pandemic will remain in the driver's seat with workers and employers merely along for the ride."

With promising signs of a vaccine, there's hope that the outlook will improve for the 20 at-risk jobs Glassdoor names.

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