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October 20, 2015

Real estate website ranks most searched Halloween costumes in each state

As Halloween inches closer and closer, people are deciding on the perfect costume for this year.

What is Pennsylvania's most searched-for costume? How about New Jersey?

Using 11 years of Google Trends data, Estately Home Search has determined what costumes users in each state search for more than users in any other state.

Estately's map shows that Pennsylvania's most popular costume search was a lumberjack. Some Google searches in the state could be expected, like Rocky and an eagle. Other favorites included bacon, skunk and Shrek. 

New Jersey residents were among those who did the most searching for Halloween costumes. The top search on the map? Snooki of the MTV show, "Jersey Shore."

Other popular searches included Angry Birds, Batgirl, Luigi and, yes, penis.

Delaware was among the states with residents who didn’t do enough searches to come up with a list.

See the full list here.