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December 14, 2022

NoChe's creative cocktail menu features bacon-washed bourbon, Mexican chocolate bitters

The upscale Rittenhouse lounge also offers 'cocktail boards' with partially assembled drinks, making you the mixologist

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NoChe Cocktail Lounge FCM Hospitality Courtesy of/FCM Hospitality

NoChe, an art deco-themed cocktail lounge, is set to open its doors in Rittenhouse on Thursday, Dec. 15. The cocktail bar is named after the nightclub that was operated in the space from 2004 to 2014.

At NoChe, an art deco-themed cocktail lounge set to open in Rittenhouse on Thursday, guests are invited to mix their own cocktails while indulging in upscale snacks like caviar and oysters. 

FCM Hospitality's latest concept pays homage to the nightclub that owner Avram Hornik previously operated in the space from 2004 until 2014. The second-floor bar is located at 1901 Chestnut St. next to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, and is outfitted with giant hourglasses and floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains.

"They say everything old is new again," Hornik said. "FCM Hospitality looks to our past to find inspiration for our newest concept. We are excited to revive one of my early concepts and open it in a new and elevated way. NoChe opens just in time for the holidays and it is the perfect location to enjoy cocktails and bites with friends and family through the new year and beyond." 

Cocktails are the star of the show at NoChe. Its expansive drink menu is broken down into classics, reimagined concoctions and champagne cocktails, along with beers, seltzers, wines and a full line of spirits. All of NoChe's stemware is chilled with liquid nitrogen, keeping the drinks cool while creating puffs of smoke as the concoction is created.

The main attraction, though, is the cocktail boards. These deconstructed libations allow guests to take part in the drink-making process. A handful of cocktails on the menu are partially assembled table-side, allowing guests to choose the ingredients to complete their own cocktail and enjoying the special effects added to the drinks. 

NoChe LoungeCourtesy of/FCM Hospitality

NoChe's cocktail boards include drinks that are partially made table-side so that guests can complete their own cocktails.

NoChe RittenhouseCourtesy of/FCM Hospitality

NoChe is decorated with retro cameras, giant hourglasses and floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains. The lounge is meant to be a gathering place for adults that isn't centered on sharing a meal.

"NoChe fills the gap of Philly cocktail bars that feel really intimate and exclusive, yet are still warm and inviting," said Hornik. "It is a special moment to add to your night. Stop by for a stand-alone drink and snacks before — or after — dinner on the Square." 

NoChe's grand opening will commence on Thursday, Dec. 15. Cocktails on offer include a "campfire" old fashioned with bacon-washed bourbon, maple, torched cinnamon and smoked chili bitters and the Devil Went Down to Jalisco, a combination of tequila, lime, honey, grilled pineapple shrub and nitro-muddled ancho chili. All 18 cocktails are listed on NoChe's website.

In addition to cocktail boards, NoChe will also serve charcuterie, cheese boards and vegetarian small plates. Other light bites on the menu include caviar, tea sandwiches, oysters, shrimp and crab cocktail, meatballs and marinated olives. 

NoChe is one of three new restaurants FCM Hospitality is opening in Rittenhouse over the next few months. Last week, the restaurant group opened Mexican breakfast spot Rosy's Cafe on Walnut Street, and has made plans for a sports bar in the trendy Center City neighborhood. 

The lounge will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. Reservations are required, and can be made on NoChe's website.