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January 01, 2016

2016: Our contributors' wishes for the new year

PhillyVoice asked its many contributors to look ahead and make a wish for the New Year. Here's what they would like to see happen in 2016:



I wish to see the genome-editing tool CRISPR become developed to the point where we'll be able to use it therapeutically to treat genetic diseases. Right now, CRISPR is at too crude a stage – in April of this year, Chinese scientists famously used it to edit human embryos in an attempt to get rid of a blood disease-causing mutation, and it performed terribly. But I hope that one day, this easy-to-use, cheap system will be advanced enough to safely eliminate diseases, create better crops and wipe out pathogen-carrying mosquitoes.


I wish that, with the advent of a new mayoral administration, the Philadelphia Historical Commission receives a much-need overhaul and review. I’d like the Commission to be stocked with people who are truly knowledgable about the city’s architectural heritage, who really care about its great public buildings (as well as its residential stock) and who will advocate for their preservation. On a wider civic scale, I’d love to see the city continue in the direction that it’s been heading, with still more activated public spaces (I have great hopes for a redesigned LOVE Park), hotel lobbies, parks and shopping streets. I’d like for there to never again be a home built with a front-loaded garage. And – I can dream, can’t I? – I'd like for there to be a few more movie screens around town.


Interfaith solidarity. 

Safe refuge for the vulnerable and those who are fleeing violence. 

Mindful parenting.

Support for breastfeeding mothers everywhere. Love.


My major wish for 2016 is that the world gets serious about intersectionality – there are so many issues in our society and we should be doing more to solve the nuance within them as well. But until that gets done, my other wishes are that we ban the selfie stick, horrible dance challenges, Donald Trump and films with Kevin Hart as the sidekick.


I hope that my Mom has the best new year ever and that it is filled with health, love and happiness. She deserves the world.


I wish for quality education and better lunches for Philly public school kids, and access to good food for all Philadelphians. Also, I’d love to see an amazing new restaurant land in the old Kanella space at 10th and Spruce.