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March 24, 2020

Fake meme claims Pennsylvania fishing, hunting seasons canceled, officials say

Despite COVID-19 outbreak, Game and Fish & Boat Commissions will maintain 2020 schedules

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PA Fish Boat Coronavirus Source/Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

The Pennsylvania Game Commission and Fish & Boat Commission warned residents about a meme containing misinformation about the 2020 fishing and hunting seasons. Neither state commission has canceled seasons this year during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A fake meme circulating online has been corrected by Pennsylvania officials after a rumor claimed the 2020 hunting and fishing seasons were canceled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission responded to the meme on Tuesday with a statement clarifying that schedules have not been affected at this time. Also, the game commission does not regulate fishing seasons in Pennsylvania, despite the meme using its logo.

A similar statement was released by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, which advised residents to beware of misinformation.

To date, the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission has canceled only its Youth Mentored Trout Day, previously scheduled for March 28, and the early opening day for trout season on April 4. Another Youth Mentored Trout Day is scheduled for April 11. Statewide opening day for trout season is April 18.

No other schedules have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic at this time. Accurate information about 2020 hunting season and 2020 fishing season can be found at the websites of both commissions, as wells as any updates related to coronavirus developments.

Those who come across the meme are warned not click on any links, as they may contain computer viruses.

Pennsylvania continues to maintain broad stay-at-home order for many counties in the state and encourages residents to remain home unless obtaining essential needs such as food and medical care.