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April 26, 2017

Philadelphia lands spot on list ranking best cities for millennials in 2017

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Carroll - Philadelphia Skyline from Camden Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

In this file photo from July 2016, the RiverLink Ferry runs between Camden, New Jersey, and the Philadelphia waterfront.

Philadelphia, a "millennial dream destination"? Seems to be the case, at least according to one recent report.

Nestpick, a housing website based in Berlin, recently published its "ultimate Millennial Cities Ranking" for 2017 based on 16 factors that were grouped into four categories, including business ecosystems, essentials like transportation and housing, openness including LGBTQ friendliness and gender equality and recreational factors like nightlife.

Though no U.S. city even touched the top 25, Philadelphia did land at No. 68. And when it came down to cities in the nation, Philadelphia found itself at No. 9.

Each city was ranked on a scale of zero to 10 for each factor and then given an overall score. Philly earned itself a 73.2.

Here were the top 10 cities from across the world, as ranked by Nestpick:

1. Amsterdam

2. Berlin

3. Munich

4. Lisbon

5. Antwerp

6. Barcelona

7. Lyon

8. Cologne

9. Paris

10. Vancouver

Here were the top U.S. cities:

1. Austin 

2. San Francisco 

3. Denver 

4. Portland 

5. Seattle 

6. Los Angeles 

7. New York City

8. Chicago 

9. Philadelphia 

10. Boston 

Check out Nestpick's full list here