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January 07, 2016

Philadelphia's top public schools

Top 10 performers among the city's elementary, K-8, middle and high schools

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Anne Frank School in Bustleton was the highest-ranking traditional elementary school, with a 74 percent overall score.

The lists below are the Top 10 ranking schools in the School District of Philadelphia among elementary, K-8, middle and high schools, according to data released Thursday in the 2014-2015 School Progress Report.

Elementary Schools:
RankSchool Address  Enrollment Admissions Type 
1Anne Frank School 2000 Bowler St. 1227 Neighborhood
2William H. Loesche School 595 Tomlinson Rd. 774 Neighborhood
3John Hancock Demonstration School 3700 Morrell Ave. 517Neighborhood 
4Rhawnhurst School 7809 Castor Ave. 593  Neighborhood
5Samuel Powel School  301 N. 36th St. 259  Neighborhood 
6Fox Chase School 500 Rhawn St. 462Neighborhood  
7Solomon Solis-Cohen School 7001 Horrocks St.   1368 Neighborhood 
8J. Hampton Moore School 6900 Summerdale Ave. 1166 Neighborhood 
9Universal Charter School at Bluford 5801 Media St.  609  Neighborhood
10 Overbrook School 2032 N. 62nd St. 233Neighborhood 

K-8 Schools:
Rank School  AddressEnrollment  Admissions Type
Sadie (Penn) Alexander School  4209 Spruce St.564 Citywide 
Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures Charter School   1023 Callowhill St. 488Citywide 
General George A. McCall School  325 S. 7th St.687  Neighborhood
Philadelphia Academy Charter School  11000 Roosevelt Blvd. 692 Citywide 
Joseph Greenberg School 600 Sharon Ln.  703 Neighborhood
New Foundations Charter School   8001 Torresdale Ave.708Citywide with criteria 
Green Woods Charter School 468 Domino Ln. 634Citywide with criteria 
8Christopher Columbus Charter School  916 Christian St. 820 Citywide
9D. Newlin Fell School  900 W. Oregon Ave. 554Neighborhood
10Mayfair School  3001 Princeton Ave. 1176Neighborhood 

Middle Schools:
RankSchoolAddressEnrollment Admissions Type
1Julia R. Masterman School 1699 Spring Garden St.757 Special Admittance 
2Baldi School 8801 Verree Rd. 1209Neighborhood 
3Girard Academic Music Program 2136 W. Ritner St. 263Special Admittance 
4Hill-Freedman World Academy6200 Crittenden St.223  Special Admittance
5Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School  5501 Cedar Ave.280Citywide
6Young Scholars Charter School 900 N. Marshall St. 251 Citywide 
7Woodrow Wilson School 1800 Cottman Ave. 1134Neighborhood 
8KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School 5900 Baltimore Ave. 375 Citywide with criteria
9Memphis Street Academy Charter School at J.P. Jones 2950 Memphis St. 932Neighborhood 
10Grover Washington Jr. School 201 E. Olney Ave. 565 Neighborhood

High Schools:

Rank School Address Enrollment  Admissions Type
1Central High School 1700 W. Olney Ave. 2238Special Admittance 
 2Franklin Towne Charter High School 5301 Tacony St. 1244Citywide with criteria
 3 Julia R. Masterman School 1699 Spring Garden St.423 Special Admittance
 4High School of Engineering and Science  1600 W. Norris St.740 Special Admittance 
 5Girard Academic Music Program  2136 W. Ritner St. 243Special Admittance 
 6The Science Leadership Academy at Beeber 5925 Malvern Ave.  228 Special Admittance
 7 New Foundations Charter School8001 Torresdale Ave.  685 Citywide with criteria
 8Science Leadership Academy 55 N. 22nd St. 497  Special Admittance
 9 Mathematics, Science, and Technology Community Charter School1800 Byberry Rd.424  Citywide
10 Academy at Palumbo 1100 Catharine St.  858Special Admittance