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July 01, 2015

Mackanin says Phillies will probably trade Cole Hamels in next month

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070115_Hamels_AP Matt Slocum/AP

Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels.

Pete Mackanin said something prior to Wednesday's game against the Brewers that you don't often hear a manager say, no matter how much of a foregone conclusion it seems to be at the time.

With the trade deadline now less than a month away, the Phillies interim manager told reporters it's "probable" that the team trades its best player, Cole Hamels, at some point in July.

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Hamels, 31, is 5-6 with a 3.22 ERA in 16 starts and has pitched extremely well considering the dire state of the Phillies overall. To say his talents are going to waste pitching for a team destined to finish last would be an understatement. 

He's likely Ruben Amaro's most valuable trade asset, as he's been relatively healthy throughout his career -- he's reached at least 190 innings pitched seven straight years -- and has a contract that, while pricey, is still quite team friendly.

Here's a look at his deal compared to what Scherzer got this offseason (via

201935$20M team option OR
$24M vesting* option OR
$6M buyout
*Vesting option kicks in if Hamels: 
1) has 400 IP in 2017-18, including 200 IP in 2018, AND 
2) is not on the disabled list with a shoulder or elbow injury at the end of the 2018 season

The Phillies have yet to find a team willing to give up the prospects they desire in exchange for the former World Series MVP. But if Mackanin says a trade is "probable," perhaps their asking price is going to come down. Or maybe they think a team will cave and give them what they ask for.

As the team continues its attempt to rebuild, there will likely be other big-name players -- like Jonathan Papelbon -- that get traded, but so far there have been only rumors.

Those rumors will only increase in volume in the coming weeks until they reach a crescendo on July 31.

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